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9.9 % Cu-DHP copper pipe in compliance with EN 1057 insulated with a high density closed- cell polyethylene foam sheath, Class 1. In compliance with UN1 CIG 7129 for inclusion in underground pipe channels thanks to the particular configuration of the sheath's cross section with special air space, ideal to enable eventual gas leaks to flow outside the building. Identification and length progressively inserted. Packed in wound bobbins. Confezionato in bobine reggettate. ESENCOR copper with anticorrosion treatment, product guarantee: 30 years.


The Isoclima insulating sheat, which adheres to a non-flammable base, melts flamelessly and thus it's self-extinguishing. The progressive marking, printed meter by meter is "00 ISOCLIMAGAS D X Sp suitable for inclusion in underground pipe channels" as well as an indication of the date, time and production line for quality control purposes. The main features of the Isoclima Gas sheath arethe air spaces inside the section of the sheath. These have the function to enable eventual gas leaks to flow outside the building.


Isoclima Gas is mainly used in gas installations for inclusion in underground pipe channels inside the buildings, in compliance with the UNI CIG 7129 law.

Technical data
Copper pipe wall thickness 1 mm fino a Ø18; 1,5 mm per Ø22
Insulation thickness 6 mm
Operating temperature range - 30°C - + 95°C
Insulation density 130 KG/m3
Fire resistance Self-extinguishing
Packaging Comes in single coils wrapped in clear film for added protection, 50 metre coils, 25 metre coils Ø22
External diameter for wall thickness (mm) 12x1 14x1 15x1 16x1 18x1 22x1,5
Total dimensions with sheath (mm) 24 26 27 28 30 34
Nominal bursting pressure (MPa) 37,4 32,06 29,92 28,05 24,93 30,6
Weight of copper pipe (Kg/m) 0,2674 0,3223 0,3542 0,3714 0,4296 0,847
Nominal nominating pressure (ASTM B 111 M) (MPa) 9,35 8,01 7,48 7,01 6,23 7,65

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